In joining the IOC or in taking part in it's activities and events, I understand and agree to that :
Many activities are dangerous
I alone will take the full responsibility for my own safety at or as a result of IOC activities
Activity organizers and committee members are lay persons and have no formal skills in relation to the organized activity, and in following their guidance, I do so at my own risk
I alone am responsible for assessing in advance all the risks pertaining to activities (including my own abilities) and in accepting information from activity organizers or committee members, I do so on the understanding that I must verify it for myself
The IOC is not covered by any general insurance policy against the loss of personal effects, injury or death, nor does it undertake to arrange such insurance for specific events.
Participants take part at their own risk and are very strongly encouraged to take out appropriate insurance on their own.


Safety and Insurance

We strongly encourage everyone to get his/her insurance plans for outdoor sports. There are many insurance plans out there that will be helpful in case of accidents.

For winter sport, a convenient way to get covered is to apply online the one-time ski/snowboard insurance plans offered by some companies. One example is here (only in Japanese)


A better option is to get covered on a yearly basis. Many companies offer sports insurance for outdoor activities. See example below. (only in Japanese)


Finally , there are also some insurance plans that are managed by non-profit organizations, which provide sufficient coverage at a reasonable rate. However a minimum of 5 people must enroll to be covered. More information can be found here (only in Japanese)


For any other information, contact the committee members.