The International Outdoor Club is a group of people of different nationalities who participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities. All of the activities are organized by the members themselves.

Indeed the club only exists because members do this, and it is hoped that everyone can put something into the club. The club regularly goes hiking, weekend backpacking, mountain biking, cycling, skiing, and takes part in running events. Some members have tried rock climbing, winter mountaineering and kayaking. Few people can be experts in all areas so the emphasis is on being willing to try something new.

We have activities for everyone from beginners to the more advanced members. You can easily find out if an activity is appropriate for your skill level by the Star Rating assigned to each activity.

Club history and affiliation

The IOC (formerly IAC Kansai) was set up in November, 1991 by a member of the Tokyo-based International Adventure Club (IAC).

In April, 1993, IOC became fully independent but continues to maintain a link with the IAC. Both clubs encourage their members to take part in the other club's activities and joint activities. Membership is transferrable between IOC and IAC in the event of a member moving.


You can find out about upcoming IOC activities from the 'Events' page.

If you are an IOC member, you can also view past events on the 'Events' page. Please send us your photos and stories so that we can publish them on our website. Send an email to the webmaster if you would like to contribute.

Membership types

Membership is available in the following categories. All membership periods run from the first of the month when the member signs up.

A 1 year single membership (April-March) costs 3000JPY.
A 6 month single membership (April-September, October-March) costs 2000JPY.

NOTE: The 6-month single membership is only available to new members joining the club after August, and present members who are going to be leaving Japan before September.

Non-member participation

1. Members are allowed to take part in all IOC activities and events
(except for a few events which require technical proficiency, whereby members are allowed to take part only if they meet the technical requirements).

2. Non-members may come to one event before joining the club. They are not allowed to take part in activities with a difficulty rating of more than two stars and must be at least 20 years old.

Members enjoy cheaper member rates for special events, while non-members will have to pay the (more expensive) normal rates.

3. Members may invite non-members to club activities as guests. However, the activity leader always has the final say whether a guest can join or not.